The Color Purple

Purple happens to be my favorite color.  When I remolded my house I decided I wanted color.  I was so afraid to use purple on my walls, thinking that it would clash with other colors, or hard to find furniture to match. What I have found is that purple is a neutral color.  You will see designers using blue yellow, even pink but some how miss the purple. I feel that it makes a statement in a home. Whether it be a couch, or purple velvet curtains framing a brightly lit window.  When you walk into a room that has purple accents, or a dominate piece it says your brave and you know exactly what you like.

Purple is the color of royalty. When I was visiting New Orleans, I drove around the garden district. The homes in the garden district are large historical homes, big porches, shutters and magnificent gardens. There is a famous author-Anne Rice- who lives there, her home takes up the whole corner block and it is a beautiful shade of purple. She chose it because, it can represent success and wealth.  So when decorating or finding pieces to sell I always look to purple to make a statement.

Purple was used significantly in renaissance art. It was used in the clothing, the drapery and the art. Paintings done by Italian artists use a lot of purple, along with Spanish artists also. They used it to make a piece stand out.

Some of my favorite color combinations with purple, is green. The two together is so elegant. Who would ever consider purple elegant? Take a kitchen that dosen’t have much going on, and add something purple and it gives makes the room stand out.  Another great way to decorate with purple, is to throw a pillow or two on the couch or chair, it defines the room. So be brave and enjoy the Color Purple.

From our home to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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5 thoughts on “The Color Purple

  1. As a Southern Belle, I agree with all your loves of the South. I also like to add things to my home that give a whimsical vibe, even if my husband doesn’t always get their “purpose” 🙂

    Relating to this post, my bedroom at my parents home, (in my latter years), I painted purple. I’m talking a little brighter than eggplant 🙂 I just decided to go all out. I loved every minute of living in that room. I only wish I’d done it sooner. My younger sister enjoys all that purple with all of it’s royalty now 😉

  2. BTW, does Henrietta’s Hippo have an actual physical store location? Seems I’ve heard of it before… I could be wrong.

    • Henrietta’s Hippo currently does not have a physical store location however, we are looking to open up a small shop either in Atlanta, GA or Augusta, GA! We’re very excited and waiting for the right place and the right time, in the mean time check out our newly boosted website! henriettashippo.com

  3. I love purple so much! My bedroom growing up was lavender and it is my “go to” eye liner color now. Also, I just bought this amazing purple velvet burnout pillow for my couch. So lovely against the sage green. One of the best artists EVER (in my opinion) is Andrea Del Sarto. His use of purple to accent drapery and even skin tones is genius. Yay for purple!

  4. Purple is a Royal Colour, we too have incorporated the colour in our room it’s refreshing to know others know the value of the colour purple…DEFO INTERSTING BLOG 😉

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