☼ Southern Charmmin’

There’s something lovely and timeless about the South. Maybe it’s waking up to the thick humidity in the summer and eating biscuits on the porch, maybe it’s the Southern draw of the people and maybe, just maybe it’s the warmth in the hospitality of the homes and their decor. There’s a beauty in the style of the way the Southern part of the United States. Their culture is quite inviting if you ask me. One of my favorite things is the music, especially the folk music and the fiddle.  There’s a song called “You Are My Sunshine.” The only thing you can do when you listen to it is sing a long and feel at ease. There’s a piece that I’ve chosen to honor in my store that brings the comfort of that song into visual art and it carries the feeling of that song. In fact, it is that song in a tangible warn wood work, it’s simple just like the old south and has the potential to hold a dear place on any home’s wall.

Southern Belle accents are a wonderful way to bring a bit of the south into your home. Birds are one of the key points of this particular style and the culture of it. Another wonderful expression in Southern Belle style is color. Bright pops of color that bring light to a room. How about the best of both worlds? Bright birds!

On a final note, part of southern decor is bold pieces. Pieces that create a center all on their own and the rest of the room revolves around it. A core part of the home is the dining room, it’s where you gather to eat and celebrate. Why wouldn’t you want it to be beautiful and elegant and if it’s southern charm you’re seeking-bold. A way to tie all of these together is through a chandelier. For the dining room: a dark gem lined beauty and for a  whimsical girl’s room: a collage white style with ribbons and charms.

From our homes to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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