The Jewels of Babylon

When I think of Babylon I imagine a vast land. In the view is a great pristine white  stone ziggurat with sickeningly vivid greenery and flourishing dessert flowers. There’s an exotic and untouchable twinge to the scene. The whole idea of it is overwhelming because of how different it is from this world and yet I want a piece of it. A piece to keep close to me in the dark as a reminder of the other side of the world. I can picture the inside as well; a dark cave-like clammy room with a ancient polytheistic priest slowly moving across the floor with long white robes on and a prayer on his lips to the gods for rain or crops or a success in a never ending war.

There’s another beautiful image that comes to mind when I think of Babylon for some reason and that is The Crusades. They were dark times. I always seem to picture the entire world as being dark and sullen. Men marching east towards Jerusalem to fight for the Pope in the Vatican. When I picture the cardinals and the holy men of the time, they too are dark and sullen. A shining piece to their wardrobe are rosary beads. These exquisit rosary beads, made from the finest dark wood and stone from the place of their worship.

The thought of Medieval Crusades brings me down the road to sorcery. A gypsy with a colorful scarf around her head, a long flowing dress and a mystical gaping necklace dangling on her olive skin. It’s creepy and inviting in the same time because of the mystery.

All of these scenes stem directly from an amazing artist named Shannon Koszyk  out of Seattle, Washington. Her jewels are stunning. Each piece tends to have a story and a character from the past that one could attach to them. Her jewelry is all hand made to order; each piece is unique. Some are made from retired currency from South Africa, with the official government stamp and some are made from the darkest of cherry wood. Our selection is chosen for the story found in each.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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