✸ Let there be Light! ✸

The correct or incorrect lighting can define my mood. I am very sensitive to light. I’m one of the weird people who love rainy, cloudy days. When waking up in the morning and the sky is overcast and grey, I feel happy. I believe that having the light more subdued, makes me feel relaxed and able to enjoy the day more. Thus the lighting in my home stays this way.

I do not care for overhead lights. In fact, I quite dislike  them. When I walk into a room that has bright unnatural, white lights, I feel anxious and even a little depressed. There is nothing better than to see natural light streaming in through windows into a room. Or sitting on a porch early in the morning or evening with a lamp turned on next to you. I can say honestly that my passion is lamps. One of my favorite things to do is to browse for fascinating lamps.

I love that uniqueness of every single lamp. The lamps I carry are my most favorite.  I feel that every lamp should have its own story.  What part of the world was it made in? Can you pick up on the personality of the artist by the details?  Lamps are art, they should look as pretty during the day when they are not lit, as at night when they are casting their glow. The lamps in my store are very unusual, not the every day piece you find in other stores. When looking for a lamp to purchase, I look at what kind of materials are used, the quality of glass, fabric and metal.

I use my lamps to make my home feel like a cozy, relaxed place you would want to be in. I sometimes put a lamp in every room, including the bathroom, I love to walk around and see them lit up showing off the rest of the art in the room. The lamps you find in Henrietta’s Hippo tell a story, they are to be cherished as the unique piece of treasure that each one is….so you see? I do have a passion for lamps!

From our home to yours-

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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