Spring Showers Bring May Flowers ❀

Where do we get our inspiration for decorating? Spring is when all the new life shows up. Green grass, flowers and budding trees. Where I live we have snow for six months at least. I love winter time, but it can get a little gloomy. Spring in the mountains is so beautiful. We  predominantly have aspen trees, with pine trees thrown in. You look on the mountain and see a sea of different colors of green. Flowers are hard to grow here because of the altitude so we do some substations in our homes.

I decorate with color and flowers. I have fresh flowers in my home all the time. Tulips are my favorite. I also have bright prints, and fabric which remind me of spring, and make me feel like I am living in that time of year, even in the winter time.

I have a great line of candles and reed diffusers in Henrietta’s Hippo. They are so subtle, but really warm up my home. The pottery jars are flowers so instead of looking ordinary, you have a piece of art, that has  just a hint of spring. A group of four on a coffee table or in a enry way is stunning.Or placeing them around the house singly  also works well. Gardenias, Poppies, and Roses all year round they are so elegant. Magnolia, Jasmine, White Tiger, Lily and Wild African Marigold. Names of the candles that I adore. The names alone make smile, and make me feel like I have a little piece of outside inside.  Vintage art and accessories are something I am always drawn to, I use them in my home to remind me of  my Mother. She loved to garden , she canned and baked with all of the produce she grew. She too, as I, love flowers and kept things in our home that had been passed down from her mother and grandmother.

I love these old world vases with the porcelain flowers on top. They make me reminisce, of the era when my Mother was a child. Art varies drastically there are some things in life that add such joy, at such a small price.

Poofs are in!!! Remember bean bag chairs? Oh I think we all had one, well now we have poofs. Talk about adding color, and vibrance to your home. Oversized pillows that are felted wool and cut into flower petals. They are stuffed so there is not a lot of give to them They make perfect extra seating in your living room, and make great foot stools. So fun for your. Stick them in the corner, and you have colorful art, and then pull them out for extra seating. These flower pillow poofs are fabulous.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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4 thoughts on “Spring Showers Bring May Flowers ❀

  1. Love your style!

  2. These are lovely! What nice way to bring some life into a room!

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