Our Love Affair with Paris ♡

Paris the city of love good food wine and don’t forget the cupcakes. Start a conversation with someone and bring up Paris, they will get a far away look in their eye and talk about how romantic Paris is or how beautiful the Effile Tower looks at night. The shabby chic look you find in the city appeals to me. The beautiful linens, cottage furniture and flowers. My favorite is the chocolate mousse that is so readily available in every cafe. After being in the city I found that I started seeing things that reminded me of France and Paris specifically.

When shopping for my store I purchased items that reminded me of the shop windows in Paris. One of the items I bought are the Parisian Garden Room Diffusers.  I am a reed diffuser enthusiast  they are affordable and add so much to a room. These are marvelous- there is a dragonfly, butterfly, sunflower, rose and a bird. They are made out of porcelain so delicate and their scent is very subtle. Not everyone can make it to Paris so why not bring Paris to you. If you have been fortunate to have traveled there, these will remind you of why you love it.

Paris is such a large city and the shopping is amazing. What is the first store that comes into mind.? Of course Louis Vutton. and I would never a argue that its a amazing place. But what I found  that I enjoyed the most was the small stores on side streets and alley ways. They had bird cages hanging from their rafters  some with little song birds and wood picture frames. I loved the uniqueness of the shops, some sparsely stocked, but things that you would only find there.  An over abundance of anything is not the Parisan way, find items that call to you, that you will keep and cherish, that you can have a love affair with.

From our home to yours-

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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6 thoughts on “Our Love Affair with Paris ♡

  1. I think I’d fall in love with it too, If i went!

  2. Oh Paris! It’s so wonderful! Le Sigh. Since I went in March, I’ve been on a “Versailles/Marie Antoinette” design kick and want my tiny little NJ apartment to feel as luxurious and girly as Marie Antoinette’s apartments in Versailles. I’m all about florals and toile now. Maybe I need a little wire Tour Eiffel, non? Indeed, who doesn’t have a love affair with the quaint shops and off-the-beaten track streets filled with lovely “things”? Forget Louis Vuitton. The “real” Paris is in the charm of the streets and the beauty of the buildings.

  3. I’ve had a similar love affair for many years with the great city. Lovely post.

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