Things that make me happy;)

This post is going to be a little different. I found out yesterday that my friend’s husband was killed on his bike. I started thinking about how I forget to count my blessings every day, and to appreciate life. So I decided to post some pictures of things that make me happy. My oldest daughter’s friend is visting , and we went hiking near Aspen Colorado, we took pictures and I have decided to share them. I have much to be grateful for and much to be happy about. All of these pictures are of things that make my life what it is, I am truly blessed to be sober and happy. Hope you enjoy!

From our house to yours

`Henrietta’s Hippo

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10 thoughts on “Things that make me happy;)

  1. Aw! Love your pics! Looks like you have a lot to be happy about. ^.^

  2. Inspired and pretty on said:

    Beautiful photos and fun post !

  3. Love your chocolate newfie! I have a black landseer … and she too makes me very happy 🙂

  4. Thats a lot of nice things. BTW I contemplated on AutoFocus for a long time but went with Twenty 11

  5. Lovely pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  6. Life is a reflection of who we love and care about. We need to seek happiness in those moments that are given to us. Thank you for reminding me.

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