Knitting for Love❤

Oh how I love to knit. Usually I have to contemplate what I am going to write, how I am going to make my self heard, but not with knitting. I have been knitting for two years, actually I take that back I did knit one mitten for the fair when I was ten but I hated it and got last place. I never finished the other mitten. I had a client that is a master knitter, I needed something to relax so she taught me to knit. I started with a scarf, that was fun and I made two and got bored, but definitely found that knitting was for me. I love the colors of all the yarn, the texture of the wool. I have found a connection with the women in knitting stores. Drink your Starbucks, and stich and bitch.

Val knits all kinds of things but she always has a pair of socks going. Her rule is have a pair of basic socks you can knit anywhere you go, save the complicated ones for home when you can concentrate. Socks were my dream I have always wanted to knit socks. I love homemade socks with the intricate patterns, and designs. I NEVER thought I could knit socks, but Val said she thought I might have a little talent. My first pair of socks took months to make, I would knit and then call Val to “critique” my work. I have decided to be a true knitter, you first have to be able to recognize your mistakes then correct them. Socks are my passion, I bought a sock book and started with the easiest pattern, I have worked my way through all of the patterns ending with the most difficult.

Knitting has saved my life or sanity however you want to phrase it. I knit to relax,  create or meditate. I now carry yarn and a pair of socks where ever I go. I have made other things, hats blankets what not, but socks are my true love. I am going to incorporate my passion into my store, I am going to sell my work in Henrietta’s Hippo, hopefully someone else beside my girlfriends and my children will love them as much as I do.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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16 thoughts on “Knitting for Love❤

  1. LOVE IT! I would love some of those long socks… O.O I wish I knew how to knit. Care to have an entry to show us how? XD

  2. Those look fabulous! I admire your talent!

  3. Thank you that is so kind!

  4. I love this post! The yarn is just Yummy!
    xo, Lissy

  5. I LOVE the first pair! So awesome! I’ve tried knitting before and it always results in me making some raggedy scarves for my little sisters. Well not raggedy, I just struggle with the yarn and the appropriate gauge of the needles thing.

    Again beautiful socks, I am jealous.

  6. Thank You don’t be jealous take knitting lessons you will love it!!!!!

  7. Fabulous !! I have never tried to knit, but I crochet leg warmers, gloves and booties. You are very talented. Love, Love the socks !!

  8. Thank you, I loooove to knit

  9. I’m with Emotional Mommie…only I tried to knit with horrible results. My crochet habit fell by the wayside when I became a mother. I should bring out my knitting and crochet needles and give it another college try. Maybe even my daughters would take it up! I’m assuming Val is one of yours.

    Lovely socks at the end. So bright and cheery.

  10. Thanks for stopping by apple hill cottage and the good comment! Love new visitors; likewise love your socks I started a pair of fair isle socks once, but the heel was black yarn and I just couldn’t do it. Heels are hard! Love the yarn in mason jars!

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog and the good comment! Always love new visitors. The yarn in the mason jars is so cool. I tried a pair of Fair isle socks once but stopped when I got to the heel. Heels are hard!

  12. Sayantika Adak Ghosh on said:

    I knit for a while but now prefer crocheting… have been trying to find some time …. to crochet socks for myself 🙂 let me know in case you have any resources that i can use…

    • Ok, been looking into crocheting myself.

      • Sayantika Adak Ghosh on said:

        I find it more fun than knitting. I am a very restless person and I keep looking for things to do so that i don’t use my hands to feed my mouth!!! Which is why I took up crocheting… its fun 🙂

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