Pillow talk

Pillows are a fun useful way to spice up your living space. I love color, sometimes though, you want to add some color with out making it to permanent. A good way to do this is to throw some new pillows on the couch or chair.


There are some amazing pieces out there, the material that they are made out of is simply wonderful. While shopping for Henrietta’s Hippo I tried to find pillows that were fun but durable. I really love the silk and taffeta materials but they are more fragile, tend to stain more. Living in my house with two very large slobbery dogs, lends itself to more durable fabric. Felted wool works really well. If slobber or if the kids spill something on them they tend to wipe up well.




Another fabric that works well is canvas, not the canvas from the old days that is rough and scratchy, but smooth fabric with messages hand sewn into the fabric. A great way to pull a apartment or dorm room together is with these pillows, a great message or unusual image on them.


The poufs I carry in the store are so popular. I have seen them used in all kinds of ways. At the market they showed them stacked in the corner of a living room as decoration. Other ways to use them would be a foot stool, side table or as extra seating in your living room. Better yet stack them for decoration, then pull them apart for seating.


They also would look good in a bedroom at the end of the bed. I think they would be great in a kids room. The poufs come in all shapes and sizes, also different materials, they are sturdy and firm unlike bean bag chairs, so they make great seating.I have seen leather, also the fine fabrics such as silk. My are felted wool, great colors and different sizes, they are designed to look like rose petals. I absolutely love them.

From our home to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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6 thoughts on “Pillow talk

  1. Pillows are the decorating mediators in our apartment! 😉 My hubby is not a fan of color, so pillows fulfill my color needs without commiting to something permanent! By the way, I LOVE THE POUFS!!!

  2. This first photo is so happy and colorful, yet all bigger surfaces like walls, floors, sofa are in neutral light colors – a good example to show what can be done with colorful accessories! I like it!

  3. embracingbabylon on said:

    I love all the colors! That first picture was just awesome. I would love for my room to be like that. Great inspiration. 🙂

  4. narhvalur on said:

    Wow, a sprm whale pillow, I want one…..

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