Queen for the day♔

I have always wanted to live in a space that looks like a european manor.  The ultra modern look has never appealed to me.  l would have loved to have lived in the Marie Antoinette era.

The clothing and architecture was so beautiful. It had a whimsical look to it, they used color along with the white washed walls and linen.  I agree that it was a decadent time some of the decor was very overdone, but pulling a few pieces and putting it in your living space can be very romantic and homey. The crown and cross accessories are especially appealing.


 Moving accessories around is a one way to get a new and different look without buying new items. There are alot of options to choose from when shopping for accessories,you can find quite a few with good price points. I like the old world wood crosses on the outside of the house, or some of the crown pieces in the garden.

Another way to spice up the house is to replace the mantle of the fireplace or a new light fixture. The french royalty pieces have  defined decorating in our time. Large candlesticks that are whitewashed placed on the mantle or dining room table in numbers. A oversized fireplace or a white linen bed draped in sheers in a stark room reminds me of the french royalty.

I do love the metal crowns, whether they are candle holders or a accessorie you place on the side table. The large gold gilded furniture can be a center piece in a home, decorating around it making it your focal point.


A few simple pieces of art of your choice can make a difference in your home or apartment. I like prints of the country side, animals, nature. What ever your taste, living like a Queen is always a good idea.

From our home to yours

~Henriettas’s Hippo

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5 thoughts on “Queen for the day♔

  1. I aspire to make my tiny apartment into mini-Versailles. Marie Antoinette, whatever her faults, definitely had amazing taste. I’m not sure I’m down with wigs, but I am down with a giant gilded four-poster bed complete with canopy in luxurious silk. 😉

  2. But I hate the way men dressed in that era…very un-man 🙂

  3. What a fantastic post you’ve got yourself here…LOVE! ~ Tresors De Luxe xx

  4. i like your work!

  5. Thank you so much

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