When I grow up, I want to be Annie Lennox

Annie Lenox is my hero. Her strength, attitude and her lyrics amaze me. I have seen her in concert once with her previous band Eurythmics and then by herself when she went solo. I do love her voice but more than that I love what she stands for. Annie has two daughters and suffered a stillborn birth of a son.


She endured the trauma of her life wrote and sang about it. I admire the strength it took to do that with style and humility.  Annie Lenox is accepting her age with grace. Her style is so amazing, the short cropped hair, sometimes bleached blond other times that vibrant red. When I saw her perform she wore a mens suit with a tie, and big colored sunglasses. I was in total awe of the way she looked. It seems to me that she is comfortable in her own skin.


She carries her self with confidence and class. This is such a important lesson for women, not trying to appear younger or perfect, just being who we are and liking ourselves. Her charity of choice is the aids project which she won women of the year for all the work she has done.


She seems to have spent time in South Africa working on this project. As I get older the things that come so clear to me is to be myself, stop trying to be what other people think I should be, acceptance is the key. I really like the idea of being who we are, skip the plastic surgery and enjoy our looks and bodies as we age. I love the funky, whimsical look that she carries off so well.


From our home to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo


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13 thoughts on “When I grow up, I want to be Annie Lennox

  1. Couldn’t agree more!

  2. thank you for stopping by

  3. Acceptance is definitely the key, I think as you get older you realise this. They say wisdom comes with age, they’re right! Great post, she is one terrific woman.

  4. unfetteredbs on said:

    I LOVE Annie Lennox.. great post

  5. Snoring Dog Studio on said:

    She’s my favorite! Absolutely agree with you. I saw her perform in Minneapolis a few years back. She was marvelous. There are no female singers out there like her, with her beautiful voice.

  6. Oh man! I would love to see her in concert!!!!! She is amazing.

  7. narhvalur on said:

    She is good, and have had the strenght to come back after her thoughts of committing suicide!

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