Mudroom Drama

I am contemplating relocating to different part of the country. This is a big move for me as I have lived in Vail Colorado for twenty four years, and in the same home for seventeen. I have found out what I really need in a new home. If you have read any of my other posts you will know I am a big dog freak! I have a St. Bernard who weighs in at 160, a Newfoundland that weighs 180. These two dogs are not my first, nor will they be my last. I love this Idea of having a doggie door, but with my giants it would have to be at least a half of wall!

One of my very best friends helped to design her home and her mudroom is fantastic. Margo combined her mudroom with her laundry room so it serves two purposes, one being laundry of course the other is where her dogs camp out. She has a dog shower so she can rinse them off, and installed a door that has slats so the dogs can see their people while being in their room.

The door also can be open on the top while the bottom is shut. This helps with airflow and also a better view for the dogs. Another entry into the mudroom is from the outside, perfect for dirty dogs after snowshoeing or hiking. Tile floors are cool for the canines and clean up well for water spillage or accidents. I covet Margo’s mudroom and it is my goal to have one just like it. Chandeliers are useful and can add a lot to the room. I carry some unique lighting in Henrietta’s Hippo, I would defiantly put a chandelier  in the mudroom along with a table lamp.

So really the room is all in one. Come in from hiking rinse dogs, feed them, strip down and put your clothes in the washing machine. Because I will always have my babies, I want this room to be a extension of my living space, meaning I would like it to be as nice as the rest of the house. The built in kennels is a great idea, they are hidden and out of the way. A sink is a must why not make it fun and unique?

Mudroom makes it sound like its dirty and disorganized not so it can be as elegant and whimsical as you wish.

And last but not least I would paint it this color.

From our house to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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4 thoughts on “Mudroom Drama

  1. Hey there. I noticed you were following my blog so I came to check yours out and I am drooling!! I love the mint green post and I have been dreaming of a mud/dog room just like this with a doggie shower! I didn’t think of the kennels but it does look great. I have a newfie and a shepherd mix so I have a giant dog door already. LOVE THIS!!!

  2. Thanks for liking my post. This mud/laundry room is fantastic! Just more proof that a functional utiltarian room can still be beautiful too!

  3. I love the mud room with doggie shower…oh how I wish I had one! Beautiful! Great idea to have the crates tucked away. Awesome!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking “Have You Shared With Marmaduke?” I’ve been reading yours this morning, and “Mudroom Drama” is my favorite!

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