My Mama’s color

What would mint green taste like if you could eat it? Would it taste like mint, or  maybe it would taste like a gooey  con cation you get at a fair. I think it would taste like spring or maybe light and airy like home. I think it would taste like homemade  comfort food from out childhood , like the Ice cream my Dad use to make with rock salt and ice.I love this color, to wear it or to put in my house.

Of course I would pair it with purple since I can’t seem to do anything without purple. I have red hair ( not natural  big shock) so mint green looks good on me. I tend to wear black all the time but if I add color this is it. Combing white with mint green is yummy, its such a clean look  that reminds me of  southern living.

This color looks good as a accessorie to other colors. Pair it with yellow, white, purple or even pink and it adds so much to the room. I would like to have a wrap around porch with an all white house, paint the floor of the porch with mint green, and the shutters also.

Distressed white furniture with a little splash of mint green and your house looks like a cottage, or a beach house no matter where you live. I realize after working on this blog that the real reason I like this color is it reminds me of home. Growing up we had this color in our dishes and appliances.

My Mother was a bit old fashioned she cooked on this cool white enamel wood stove my whole childhood. She could bake anything in that stove with out ever burning it. My Mom was a true Mother, we came home from school and there was home made pies and bread everyday. She had t-towels in mint green and cooking bowls with flowers.

Our can opener was also this green. My Mom wasn’t necessarily into home decor but this color was readily available. Now I realize why I love this color, it reminds me of home and my Mama. We are going to be seeing more mint green in Henrietta’s Hippo the color of  warmth and home.

From our home to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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25 thoughts on “My Mama’s color

  1. Lovely photos. The kitchen reminds me of the one in my friends’ San Diego bungalow.

  2. Thank you for stopping by.How lucky to have a kitchen like this perfect for California

  3. Beautiful! Love this tone of green… such a soothing homey kitchen 🙂

  4. …love that colour!!!

  5. I’m in love with that kitchen. Not a particular mint green fan myself (I like my green wild, kelly-wild, like the grass and leaves), it’s a very calming hue, something which I would need in my kitchen.

  6. Fantastic photos! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  7. What a beautiful kitchen!

  8. OH! what a pretty post! this is my favourite colour! I want all the above! 😉

  9. Solveig on said:

    What a lovely kitchen! Love it.

  10. Lucky you, home-made pies and bread everyday, yum! I love mint green too, I’m considering it as a colour for the walls in my kitchen when I get around to painting them, it’s such a soothing, friendly and inviting colour.

  11. loved the post! a big thumbs up!

  12. That kitchen is gorgeous! I agree – love mint green!

  13. lovely post, I am deeply touched by the sentiment!

  14. Hello, thanks for following my blog.
    I always thought that green was a difficult colour in a house. But you showed marvelous examples of this beautiful green and proved the contrary. Thanks.

  15. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

  16. That kitchen is stunning! Thank you for such a beautiful post.
    xo, Lissy

  17. Hello to beautiful Vail, Colorado! Obviously home to some gorgeous and tasteful interiors. Thanks for checking in with Portrait Mapua – say “woof” to the St Bernard and the Newfie from our own Napoleon the Golden Retriever and Montgomery the Chocolate Lab. The green shoes are wonderful. J

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