It dosen’t have to be valentines day to purchase heart art. I am drawn to hearts whether it’s a picture frame or wall art. My cacti heart wreath that is on the porch in the summer and in my bathroom in the winter it has grown so much this summer I so love it!

Hearts make me think of hope and good intentions. Folk art, shabby chic and french art use hearts in their creations. Hearts are a welcoming sight when driving up to a house heart prayer beads and this oversized wire heart. Sugar boo are designers that produce folk art that is homey and whimsical.

Lighting embellished with hearts or metal heart charms hanging from the front porch. So many options of where to place them. Does someone have the key to your heart? These adorable wire heart frames are a simple way to display the people  you love. Take a piece of wire or string and place it in a window or doorway clip a few of these on it for a fabulous photo gallery.

Use them in the garden, on the walls or even the bathroom they add a fun whimsical look to your home. Red is still a main stay for color but time has evolved the heart into corn flower blue, white distressed, or even a black heart hanging from the pot rack in the kitchen.

 Surrounding yourself with lovely things that make you feel grateful to be alive sit and have breakfast on a rainy day and look in to your kitchen and see a little something that makes you smile that is where I am in life. Know anyone you love but like to shoot? ( my teenagers ) Don’t do it buy a pillow instead this is my favorite I want it on my chair in the living room.

Of course Henrietta’s Hippo has heart art that is the whole point of this store carrying items that make  humans smile feel warm and cozy,  giddy because they found something they love. I have looked and looked for a bobble head of the Queen of hearts from the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland these are the kind of things in my life  now that make me smile.

From our home to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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12 thoughts on “I❤Hearts

  1. Don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t see any of the images 😦

  2. ok is it just me? None of the photos would display 😦

  3. Can’t see the pictures, either (sometimes technology acts strange). Yet, your description is so vivid and colourful that I enjoyed your post, anyways. 🙂

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