No regrets :)

This bog has nothing to do really with Henrietta’s Hippo, but maybe it does. My oldest daughter left today for college and I have cried all day in fact still crying. Somehow its harder this time than when she left last year. What a amazing summer with my dear sweet Isabella.

She has been such a support and inspiration for me. I have done absolutely nothing today after I dropped her off at the airport and feel guilty as hell but I am going to write hopefully it will help as she says you need keep your blogs up. My heart torn out is how I feel and so alone. I realize that I am so blessed she is independent and this is the best for her but for me not so much. We spent the whole summer together working travelling and living together and got along so well. What a good person she has become, so supportive and compassionate. I am so thankful we went to Italy together and the encouragement she has given for my business and my sobriety is amazing.

I will miss her dearly and pray everyday she is safe and happy. As personalities go she has a large amount of me in her creative strong and  a worrier. I worry what is going to happen in the future where will I be what will become of me. I do not worry what will happen to her as I know she will be successful at what ever she does. So I am going to put my big girl panties on tomorrow of course because tonight I am going cry and mourn her departure  and go on. Hopefully be a inspiration for her also.

From our home to yours

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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14 thoughts on “No regrets :)

  1. Why is there a man coming out of your mini bag? 😉

  2. That water looks inviting!

  3. Can’t imagine sending my boys off to college. I cried just sending them off to Kindergarten………I’m such a sucker for my kids:) Hope the sun is shining on you today:)

  4. this was such a beautiful post. No wonder you have such a wonderful daughter, I can tell you are a great Mom! We’re here if you need us! Love, “Mom” and Dakota

  5. Will and Eko on said:

    College is great, but there’s no place like home!

  6. Very sweet post! And, welcome to blogging! =)

  7. Beautiful image of you two, so sweet! Keep busy blogging and before you know it, she’ll be back again.

  8. Oh dear – so hard when they grow up but so wonderful that the two of you have such a fantastic relationship. Wonderful to see. I’ll leave you alone to cry now – you need to.

  9. You are a cool mom:) Yes, you’ll miss her, that is besides the point, but I am glad that you will keep going on and do what most of us do when a loved one leaves: cry, cry, and cry some more:)

  10. You are both beautiful, and it sounds like you have a great relationship!

  11. strawberryquicksand on said:

    It’s sad when someone leaves you, but at least you know where she is and that you can see her again! 🙂 Maybe you could consider getting an exchange student to fill a little bit of that gap, and share your life with someone from overseas! My husband and I had an exchange student when we were first married, an it was a really great experience. She stayed for five months and was from Germany. It really made us take the effort to take her places and show her things on the weekends and our days off that we would otherwise not bother doing. 🙂

  12. OMG…I am so glad to read this. I thought my wife was ‘special’ this way! 🙂

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