Living Retro

I am not a antiquer I really don’t like antique stores so many times they are jammed full you can’t find anything. I am not sure I really have the patience to antique I like the idea of vintage stores but I get in there and can’t stand to pick through things. How cool is this fan would be great on a porch.

So my solution is to buy retro decor that is  replicas or  products that have that feel and then throw in the real thing when you find something wonderful. Who remembers these grapes? My oldest sister had these in her house in a fruit bowl they were plastic and rubbery soft.

  On top is a vintage green glass bird from the 50’s isn’t it great? Below is a vintage inspired metal memo board it comes with magnets.
I have watched American Picker they find some cool things they have a eye for what people are looking for. I do love the old Motel signs the one that are neon and light up or the old highway signs seems as those were easier times. I love watching Mad Men talk about retro I love the way the women dress and the nonchalant attitude towards life.

Times did seem simpler more relaxed  even the decor seems warm and cozy. The pink and green kitchens , Mom’s didn’t work stayed home and had cookies waiting. Dad drove home in one of those vintage cars we all covet now.

I was looking at vintage jewelry  online and they called the 70 & 80’s vintage. Now that scared me as it really shows my age I never believed that some of that jewelry would be worth the amount they were asking.

Retro reminds us of the days that American’s were proud of living in the United States . We were s high from winning World War II driving new cars and cooking in pastel kitchens.

From our home to yours,

`Henrietta’s Hippo

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8 thoughts on “Living Retro

  1. Sadly can’t see the photos 😦 Perhaps it’s a WordPress glitch.

  2. I also can’t see the photos! What a pity…

  3. Photos also not loading for me…

  4. changeforbetterme on said:

    wordpress does have a help section. I believe you can click on the little question mark in the upper right corner when you are on your “reader” page. From there you can probably find how to contact them. Hope this helps because we would all love to see the pics. 🙂

  5. darn! I can’t see the photos either!

  6. i miss those days when times were simpler! if the 70s and 80s are vintage then what do u call me?? 🙂 my daughter was studying the Beatles in high school as part of history. WOW

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