Mad Hatter Collection

Well I admit it I am a addict. I am and have been addicted to many things. Just to name a few  newfoundlands I love newfies everything about them. I like the way they look smell and bark. (Sorry I had to sneak a picture of baloo in) Another addiction is Ben&Jerry’s ice cream I love phish food in fact I crave it.

Another bad bad addiction is cigarettes.

I quit smoking twenty years ago then quit drinking another addiction. Now I smoke and love it, I don’t even feel guilty not good I know. I am going to confess to another addiction  one of the worst ever  LAMPS! I love lamps funky , elegant, modern lamps. La Fleurette Table Lamp:

I don’t like overhead lighting I think it must be a sensory issue so I place lamps around the house the light is soothing, the overhead lights are to stimulating. The kids complain its to dim in the house but now they can’t stand the overhead lighting either. Silver Tivoli Table Lamp:

 When I travel I  am always looking for unique lamps  which I think are hard to find.  If you want the every day lamps  you can find them in furniture stores everywhere. I am talking about lamps that are art work pieces you will have for many years. Peony Table Lamp:

A collection of sorts, place them in every room. A room looks so pretty at night with a lamp lit. Lucille Lamp:

It’s warm and cozy makes me feel happy to be home. Henrietta’s Hippo has lamps a large selection of lamps.

I have a large selection of lamps that are Italian the details on them are superb. Mad Hatter Collection that is what I call these lamps. Can’t you see them at the tea party?

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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5 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Collection

  1. a bunch of the photos didn’t come through again.

  2. Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee is also pretty addictive! Luckily the local store doesn’t have it, so it’s not convenient to come by.

  3. My main addiction is chocolate – especially ice cream.

  4. I like!!!

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