All lit up

Oh no another blog on my addiction. Yes thats right LAMPS. I do love lamps and have explained at length why. Go even further than just lamps is Italian lamps. I believe the Italians know their art and have great style passion and talent. These lamps are made out of murano glass with ostrich feather lamp shades. The lamps are costly but worth it as you get a piece of art that works for you.

Even from centuries ago their art is amazing and timeless. Traveling through Italy convinced me even more that they love their stuff and I am with them. It’s amazing how happy and nonchalant they are about their countries economic crisis and how they continue to live life happy carefree and continue buying their art.



TI heard I believe while I was in the country that Italians like to waste money but hell they are happy.    I love the Italian handbags, sunglasses, shoes, food and lamps. I have Italian lamps in Henrietta’s Hippo each lamp is named the company makes a certain amount and then the lamp is discontinued.


I bought one 10 years ago and still love it,  I keep mine in the kitchen and use is as a night light.


The materials used in the making of the lamp is very high quality and the details are amazing.



But then they are Italian and a work of art each piece is hand made and exclusive art.

AGUADAFrom our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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7 thoughts on “All lit up

  1. I especially like lamps in the autumn and winter – they are a reminder of the summer sunshine. You collect beautiful objects, each one an elegant creation.

  2. We love the shaggy shades but sadly we’ve found they are a dust trap!

  3. They’re so cool! Especially the ones with feathers:)

  4. What a great collection! These lamps are pretty incredible! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oooh, love those hairy, grey lamps!

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