Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

I went to watch my daughter play volleyball today after work it is about a hour away from where we live and they have a target!! I love target and since we don’t have one I start making a list of things I need and then make a target run. I haven’t been for awhile so the list was really long.

As I am driving there it occurs to me that Remi (my daughter) needs new sheets and then I start thinking about how she really needs new bedding. She moved into her sisters old room and we really haven’t made it hers. This is really unlike me because I adore decorating but I think its been a tough year. I did buy her a Westin Heavenly bed. I get a large discount since I work for Westin and she loves it. I love this rug and have had it tucked away decided she should have it in her room They are great as the rug is indoor outdoor. I am going to carry them in Henrietta’s Hippo.

 So I get to target and they have this line called “shabby chic linen”. It is WONDERFUL its been washed so it feels and looks super soft and comfy and the best part is the price range. Her bed is a king so its more expensive but for a duvet cover and two pillow shams its 119.00. Of course a lamp from Henrietta’s Hippo the Tre Bird Lamp, everyone should have one of these beauties in their bedroom.

Then of course I bought a sheet set which again is only 62.oo and a shabby chic quilt which is beautiful and I believe was 90.00. And of course a little bit of Paris again compliments of Henrietta’s Hippo.

Not bad for linen and it is soooo adorable and cozy. I hope she likes it when she comes home tonight from volleyball she will be surprised!

some cool wall decals from target!

Put it all together and you have the beginning of a new bedroom, hope she likes it 🙂

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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15 thoughts on “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

  1. changeforbetterme on said:

    If she doesn’t like it I’ll take it! It’s gorgeous! 🙂

    • I nominated you for the Family of bloggers award! I can tell you are my kind of person, I am glad we are blogger friends!

      • changeforbetterme on said:

        Well thank you so much! Yeah we have a lot of the same taste in things. I like that! I’m glad we are blogger friends too!

  2. Dawn on said:

    awe…..love the story and the pictures! I am sure she will love it! It’s adorable!

  3. How could she not love it? Please show us the wall decals when they are up…

  4. looks great and I could even see the photos 🙂

  5. I’m sure she’s going to absolutely love it – I do!

  6. Your blog is ON FIRE, so I nominated you for The Blog on Fire Award! Please click here for more info: http://iadoptedadog.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/self-reflection-the-blog-on-fire-award/. Love, Taylor and Jessica

  7. I love the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target! I have sheets, decorative pillows, a quilt, duvet set, lamps…let’s just say that the style is right up my alley (as is the price!). I love that print you got for your daughter! I’m sure she’ll love it!

  8. Hello, I have just nominated your blog for the Family of Bloggers Award
    I would be honoured if you accepted the nomination.
    Rebecca aka Clanmother

    • You are wonderful of course I accept and am honored. I will read and follow the directions. THANK YOU

      • I am absolutely delighted that you accepted my nomination. You truly welcomed me to the blogging community – it is wonderful to find kindred spirits along the way. There are many adventures awaiting us….

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