My Mama’s daughter

I have been sick I think it’s the first time in a month that I have stopped moving. My daughter had a school project on her ancestors she needed pictures and she wanted me to find a orignal recipe that belonged to my Mother. Funny thing though she forgot to tell me a week later I would need to make the dish for her class.  My mom was amazing at baking one of her specialties was pies so I gave Remi my mom’s apple dumpling recipe.

 Lets talk hard work took three hours for me to prep and bake that pie. While it was baking I knitted a few rows on my  newest project and realized I have turned into my Mama. She would bake daily and crochet while she watched her “stories” which were soaps. She never stopped was always cleaning baking or taking care of me.

My latest knitting project is Boot Toppers. Isabella my oldest daughter was looking on pintrest and found the boot toppers. Place them on your knee with boots and it looks as if you have leg warmers or heavy socks on.

They are adorable defiantly more comfortable than heavy socks. So that is what I am working on I think I will sell some along with socks  in Henrietta’s Hippo. But first of course I will make three or four pairs for the girls.

I am so hoping to have my store “google ready” by Christmas I didn’t realize how complicated internet business is. Key words descriptions all of the things that google feels out when looking for good websites.

I hired a marketing company to help me  and they are great. It is time consuming but also really difficult. I write a description and  e-mail  it, we go over the corrections and do it again. The good news is I am learning something new, I just wanted to sell things that I love but I guess this is part of doing business in the Internet era. Knitting I get. Knitting clicked easily and its one of my passions so in-between working on the website I will knit a few rows.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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2 thoughts on “My Mama’s daughter

  1. LOVE the boot toppers!! Super cute:)

  2. thank you so easy!

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