National dog week at the Westin

I work at the Westin Hotel in Avon Colorado. I am one of those front desk people who you either really like or hate depending on if you get the room you want.

Ferris and Baloo I had to include my dogs as it is National Dog Week after all!!! We are a dog friendly hotel which is unique in that such a nice property would embrace animals but boy do we embrace them.  We don’t charge for bringing your dog it’s all complimentary no deposit! This is Moose the apricot poodle and his mom they are from Fort Collins.

This is Riley he and his mom are from Denver.

You can have a “Heavenly dog bed” and dog bowls delivered to your room or pre placed.  Guests love fact that we accept pets they can stay in a luxurious  hotel with their best friend. This is Olive don’t you love the scruffy hair around her face? They call her the bearded lady!

This German Shepard is Jack he is 4months old and Shilo she dances for her treats!

Hazel is the chocolate lab and Dakota is the mix she snubbed my treats.

I can’t remember this beautiful boys name he is a Bernese Mountain dog.

The three boys and Gracie, she is the baby chocolate lab she has lots of energy and gunner the older brother. They are also from denver.

We sit right on the Eagle river and have a walking path that goes along it. I am the crazy dog lady at work everyone knows how much I love dogs so I spend a good part of my day saying hello and giving out biscuits. This is Izzie she is a local!

This is Gigbsy  the west highland terrier. 

Ming the black newfoundland I hate to say it but my favorite breed!After one meeting they remember me and stop at the front desk as they walk past, sometimes they have to be drug off as they want more treats. Molly she is a King Charles Spaniels she loooved me and Nugget the yellow Lab, his little girl loves giving him the biscuits.

I must say the dogs are the best part of my job I do enjoy the people but adore the dogs.

Kayla is a black lab a very sweet senior citizen.

Last but not least Bentley ( like the car) a very regal Standard Poodle. So I took pictures of all the dogs that walked through the lobby to celebrate National Dog Week.  We had our own Westin parade. Come see us soon we will make sure you have a wonderful stay. 🙂

From our home to your,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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22 thoughts on “National dog week at the Westin

  1. I wanted to take everyone of them home with me…

  2. What lucky dogs!

  3. What a wonderful idea, welcoming dogs and making them comfortable at a hotel. That’s refreshing. I love this post. I’m a dog lover too and these pictures made my day.

  4. Will and Eko on said:

    This post made me light up! Eko and I lived in pet-friendly hotels for almost a year straight and we love employees like you who always made us feel welcome. We made it to Denver, but not Avon. I guess I know where to stay when we head to CO for our next trip!

  5. Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog and following! Mary

  6. Awww, what a lovely post. I really liked Izzie and Kayla 🙂

  7. Gorgeous dogs! I’d love to stay there.

  8. Delightful!

  9. What a great bunch of dogs! I loved them all! What a wonderful place to work! So unusual!

  10. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  11. It is great to see a hotel that accepts dogs. Looks like you really enjoy them and have fun at the same time. Good luck and thanks for being there for our dogs!!

  12. bethfinke on said:

    Book us a room! We’re on our way!

  13. A hotel with a view! Thanks for the follow btw 🙂

  14. Awww such cute dogs! Wish I could go!

  15. This post was adorable! I especially loved the bearded lady, and the dogs that had to be dragged away from the front desk cookie-lady. My dogs would be in heaven there, we’ll definitely have to come for a visit the next time we’re in CO.

  16. Nice post! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following. I hope to share lots more about life on the tip of Africa with you. Regards, Karen

  17. Oh I LOVE this! What a cool job you have!

  18. Thanks for following my blog. I loved looking at all these dogs. I’m a sucker for dogs.

  19. Nice to see a mixed breed dog living it up too!

    A fun post.

  20. What a cute collection of guests! I bet they are always ready with a smile and never complain!

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