Fall Fever

Can you believe October is here already. The leaves have been changing for a couple of weeks and I heard we are to get snow in a couple of days.  The wind is blowing its getting down to 35 degrees at night and I have fall fever. Our off season is here and will be quiet until December, its chilly and I am craving sweaters, corduroys and new decor.

I have decided pillows are the way to go. I know I have written about poufs but they are my favorite and so useful. They are great for decorating but can be used for seating or even a small table.

I would love to totally redecorate but thats not going to happen, so how to go about incorporating a few new things without breaking the bank add a few items freshen up your home. I carry these bottles in my store isn’t this a great idea, definitely affordable.

 I have poufs for sale in Henrietta’s Hippo and such amazing pillows It might be time for me to pull a few things for my house!

From our home to yours,

~Henriettas’s Hippo

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7 thoughts on “Fall Fever

  1. Whoa . . . I LOVE all those pillows!!! 🙂

  2. Love your stack of pumpkin pillows!

  3. I am so in love with the pumpkin pillows…and your poufs in your second-to-last photo…oh, wait! Those are your gorgeous, fluffy, cuddly doggies!! 😉

  4. You are truly amazing!!! Your style and effortless grace is magic…

  5. Snow? I’m on my way!

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