Splish Splash

Vintage claw foot bathtubs I adore them. I need to put a bathtub in my master bathroom. When we remolded we failed to put a bathtub in the bathroom and before I sell it I need to put one in.

I have decided to go ahead and do it now so we can enjoy.  My master bath isn’t that large and I would rather not move walls so I am trying to improvise and combine the shower and bathtub. I love this idea but not the brass fixtures something more vintage.

I have no clue if that will work or even be practical so I will gather ideas and bombard the contractor.

I have decided I am going to make this bathroom whimsical and romantic. The vintage tub reminds me of farmhouses, or french cottages. This is more like it but the tub needs to be bigger two need to fit right???

I have some beautiful chandeliers  in Henrietta’s Hippo why not install one in the room above the tub ? I also have a rustic wood dresser I am going to jazz it up with some white paint and place my towels and bathroom necessities in the drawers.

Isn’t this Chandelier exquisite? I am going to place this in the bathroom Its absolutely perfect check out more lighting at henriettashippo.com!

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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11 thoughts on “Splish Splash

  1. If you’ve got space, they’re a must!

  2. You are such a creative talent! I love the chandelier idea. Iconic symbolism! Please give us updates as you go along.

  3. Love them. I noticed the weeping angel at the beginning though 😉

  4. nouveauyuppiebeauty on said:

    Love the chandelier. I am jealous you are getting a ball and claw foot tub! We had them in college (one of the many luxuries of going to a women’s college) and we would have weekly spa nights, each of us in our own little stall, soaking in the tub having serious conversations about the latest issue of Cosmo. Ah, memories…

  5. Beautiful! I agree that the bathtub should be bigger, for sure!

  6. The chandelier in the bathroom is such a wonderful idea! We spend so much time in the bathroom…why not make it as exquisite as the rest of the house? 🙂

  7. Bella Cuomo on said:

    You need a copper tub in that bathroom with claw feet!

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