Attachments, bells and whistles, doodads and embellishments

One of the best things about  working full time is how much you appreciate your time off.  I have a few days off next week and it feel glorious. I always take the dogs for great walks and car rides I watch the early news while I drink coffee.

I feel so grateful to have a job so flexible with my daughter and of course that I have time off. Another day off activity is to cruise small home stores and vintage shops.

The artist who makes these Folk Art statues is amazing he lives in Manhattan and spends his days going to antique stores and vintage shops. All of the pieces are vintage. He takes old doll heads and pairs them with vintage coffee tins and old toys. It is truly amazing art he is very gifted.

A good amount of the time I don’t purchase anything but admire the colors, textures, and all of the talent out there.

The shopping in Vail lends itself to furs,  ski clothing and t-shirt shops not quite what I am looking for.

There is one tho that I like is a garden store with doodads. Some  things are really cheesy but I found this amazing witch that reminds me of Esmeralda from the old Bewitched.  I bet I will have this color of hair when I am 80!So I get my shopping fix by  blogging  about some  favorite embellishments In Henriettas’s Hippo.

When I go through my web-site I get so excited when I look at all of the things that I love, and hope other people do to. A boutique on line that carries the unique and unusual.

These reed diffusors are the best I have seen they are scented lightly not to strong with porcelain art is the bottle topper. This is my kind of art.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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3 thoughts on “Attachments, bells and whistles, doodads and embellishments

  1. You have a flare for the extraordinary! Your ideas inspire and your photos are always a feast for the eyes. Thank you!!!

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