Birdies with attitude

I received some new wall art for Henrietta’s Hippo I am struggling with pictures for my website this is the worst having amazing art but the images don’t do them justice. Profesional photographer is what I am thinking but in the mean time bare with my photos they will get better.

 Bird art is something that has always been popular and often photographed and painted. seems as there is a new twist on some of it lately throwing  the catch all category of Shabby Chic some is some not so much but I do really like it and these pieces are especially sweet.

My daughter Remi has already claimed four for her own. We hung them up in her room this afternoon and who can blame her.

Once the wall art was up we both knew it wouldn’t be coming down anytime soon. These birds are unlike most as they have attitude all four have crowns on as they claim their royalty in the world.

The colors are stunning along with a little saying by each bird, their philosophy on the world. Better yet passports stamps declare  where they have flown or migrated. They come framed in mirror and distressed wood frames. They are free floating so the wall color frames their “passport photos”.

After we hung them up she placed her Eiffle Tower and her Green Bird Lamp. Henrietta’s Hippo heaven the best about the whole experience is when Remi turned to me and said” Mom you have the best taste.” what a nice compliment  I have decided to find a old table and distress it. I am going to paint it white and put it in the corner of my living room where a large window delivers amazing sun an light. Plants and all of the treasures I find are going to go on that table, photos, candles, doo-dads and vintage tins with cacti in them. I will keep you updated as my winter project moves along. This table can be turned into a Shabby Chic art table just paint and add art.Loooove this table ok truth to be known I will probably buy a vintage painted table and just add my embellishments. I really like thinking I will paint who knows.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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5 thoughts on “Birdies with attitude

  1. Exquisite! I agree with Remi – you do have the best taste!

  2. none of the photos are displaying for me 😦

  3. I can’t see them either! I like the sound of the table you’re going to have.

  4. I’m sorry I can’t see these photos, I agree with Clowie that the table sounds nice.

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