Greenville South Carolina

It is off season in the Vail Valley things slow down well actually stop until December. Off season is wonderful the grocery store is empty  you can find a place to park.

The hotel is quiet so we can take time off  I came to see a friend in Atlanta and here we are in Greenville . Old buildings house the home decor boutiques all this town needs is a Henrietta’s Hippo I can just envision it.

Charming is the word that comes to mind while walking the streets of Greenville laid back large oak trees line the streets. When the wind blows the leaves come floating down it looks as if its snowing. The downtown is historic the shops are so quaint I found this amazing store that carries very unique art.

This might be a very nice place to live it seems as if the economy is good, the houses are amazing wrap around porches large trees. Over all Greenville is quite cosmopolitan I walk looking at the town and houses and think I could move here open a store live in a southern home It is possible.

As written before I am a big art fan. I should have never walked in as of course I found a amazing piece, now I am trying to rationalize making the purchase. One is you only live once, two I am turning 50 so I can buy it for my birthday, and also I cannot live without it. What can I say I am a art addict.

I met some of the most friendly and gracious people on the street today. This gentleman is from Florence South Carolina and his talent is balancing a spoon on this nose. There were three couples visiting together they were having the best time. One gentleman spent time in Camp Hale near Vail he trained for cold weather combat in the 1950’s. I had the best day really doing nothing at all except meeting new people shopping for art  drinking coffee and living life on life’s terms.

Oh one more thing this is “Buster” he is afraid of heights he was crossing the bridge over the river and crawling on his stomach I had to laugh as I to am afraid of heights. 🙂From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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One thought on “Greenville South Carolina

  1. I love the buildings! XO Kristin

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