Keep Calm and Carry on

I have a favorite pair of earrings that I wear everyday I love embellishments so naturally I have collected some great pieces. But none like my earrings they were given to me by my former husband when my youngest daughter was born. We had very dear friends who were diamond dealers in South Africa he purchased them from the Dedecker who I adored the combination of the two make them my favorite. I have a habit of playing with them kinda checking to make sure they are still there and haven’t fallen off, a security blanket so to speak. I worked last night at the hotel my shift ended at 11:00 and my manager was reviewing my reports when I felt my right earring and part of it was gone! 

John my manger is still talking about his college days and in my head I am thinking its gone, its gone. Talking to my self  I say DO NO PANIC which is exactly what I do every time  something happens that I have no control over. I extract myself from the conversation and start to look on the floor for my earring knowing that I have walked 2 miles around that hotel and it could be anywhere including outside. 

I have done a considerable amount of work on letting things go that I have no control over whether it be this type of thing or someone getting upset with me. I have spent years drinking at my problems now that alcohol is no longer a option I have found different tools to learn to cope. The old timers in AA say that it takes 5 years to heal from recovering from alcoholism I will have 2 years in December and I am just starting to feel normal who knows what will happen in 5.  Driving home I actually felt very calm I went upstairs shook out all of my clothes to no avail the earring was not there. When getting ready for bed I took all 40 pillows off and pulled down the covers ran my hands on the sheets no earring said my prayers and when getting into bed it was there at the bottom absolutely amazing. Great story right? Yes its wonderful I found the earring but the blessing here is in my new life I can cope with life when life happens.

Remember my shabby chic table project? Well I bought the table at the thrift store for 25.00  now I am going to paint it and I have decided to place appliques on the edges maybe roses or cherubs which I adore cherubs I will keep you posted as my project goes forward!!!  This sign is the first thing that I going on my table its probably the most useful Item in my store as it reminds us to stay calm life happens its how we deal with it.From our home to yours,

~Henriettas’s Hippo

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5 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Carry on

  1. your attitude is wonderful and you should be quite proud! Whenever I lose an earring the first place I look is my bra 🙂
    Then…if I didn’t find it there…….it always turns up……usually just when I buy another pair of earrings!

  2. I do love coming to your blog. You have a wonderful way of embracing life with open arms and an abundance of hope. Resilience personified. Glad you found your earring. And I can hardly wait to see what you do with the table. I’ll be watching for your next post…

  3. I’m so glad to hear that you are learning to cope with the obstacles and challenges life throws at us each day. Congratulations.

  4. elizabeth on said:

    Congratulations on keeping calm and dealing with life. (That saying is one of my favs.) So glad you found your earring, 🙂

  5. I loose earrings 😦 all the time

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