Meet Fiona she is the newest member of the family. I named her Fiona after a friend’s little girl who livers in Scotland I always try to pronounce  her name with a Scottish accent but she says I sound Irish. This sculpture is made in Telluride Colorado the artist is Adrienne Lent she designs beautiful work. I found her when she was showing her work in Vail I fell in love but didn’t purchase her then. I decided to splurge and buy her for my 50Th birthday.

 When I unpacked her Remi said she scared her and didn’t want her in the living room and she would’t be able to have friends over anymore! What is truly amazing about art is there is something out there for all of us I guess its like humans we are all unique and individuals. I adore her and it feels so good to buy myself something that I love and have worked so hard for. Art makes me such a happy women I love the colors and textures of this piece she is going to look so stunning on the Shabby Chic table.

I am going to be in Boston for my birthday and Remi’s birthday also. I made it to 50 and its getting better and better. I made a big business decision to re-build my web-site this is going to be a good year! 🙂

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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17 thoughts on “Fiona

  1. I love her!! She has my hair colour!!!

  2. Fiona is just great!!! I visited the artists store at etsy – wow I LOVE IT!!!

  3. that is gorgeous! Sooo different! Sooo whimsical!

  4. oh and happy birthday! My Mom said not to worry….you are still YOUNGER than her!

  5. I love most of the things you show us on your blog, but I have to agree with Remi on this one – that is a little bit scary!
    Have a lovely birthday!

  6. What a geat present. I like the expression on her face.

  7. Happy Birthday! 50 is a great year ~

  8. narhvalur on said:

    Fiona really has a great face and expression! :))))

  9. J Pisani on said:

    Sorry, but I have to agree with Remi – I don’t think I’d feel very comfortable with Fiona around. She looks like something out of one of Tim Burton’s movies.

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