Take It Back

We all wish we could take things back don’t you hear every day I wish I wouldn’t have said that or done things differently? I am going to comment the Cardinal rule and blog about other things than Henrietta’s Hippo even though she plays a very large part, my daughter drew this logo I am going to use it for the business, someday I am sure it will be a household name.

I have found myself contemplating lately where would I be today if I could take back my mistakes from the past. I realize dwelling in the past is a waste of energy and can be dangerous for our well being. Taking back the past is not a option we are allowed in life but we can take back our lives in the present. Johan and Rem’s ginger bread village that they are making. Johan is the South African member of our family he has given us back the Christmas spirit in eyes everything is truly a miracle.

We are allowed in this life to take back our lives what ever that means to the individual. My taking back is my sobriety, my confidence, my joy in the every day things. I have found recently that as I move forward with gratitude, kindness and as much humility as I can muster the blessings are enormous. My oldest daughter received a job offer for her co-op in Serbia and received scholarship money. My youngest daughter got her driving permit today  and we made it home in one piece with her passing semi’s on I-70 she is so excited I remember that wonderful feeling of  getting my drivers permit. Check out Rem’s birthday present from Johan, a wand that controls the T.V. she is a Harry Potter fan they have spent hours playing with it.

I have taken back my Christmas spirt but it means so much more to me now. Part of my program in sobriety is to get on my knees every morning and every night. I know that by doing this my spiritual connection will be stronger that day and I will be able to be a better person and appreciate my life. Comet came to hang at our house for a vacation before Christmas

I have taken back my creativity I love my business it gives me such joy and satisfaction I know in my heart I will be successful if I work hard but find the joy in the ups and downs with it.  My 25.00 Shabby Chic table I am so loving doing it. Annie Sloan s  paint and appliques apply the wax and start decorating my table after Christmas. I am going  to the New York gift show in January new stuff for Henrietta’s and great ideas for my table.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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7 thoughts on “Take It Back

  1. A most excellent post!!! I agree we cannot take back the past – we can only live in the present that came out of the past. Today, I was going through some photos from 20 years ago and I realized that I would not want to go back, even though these were wonderful times, and even though some of those in the photos have passed on and I would love to have them here with me in the present. I think that our DNA programmed to move forward. I especially liked when you said “I have taken back my creativity…” Your table is beautiful…

  2. Your table is gorgeous! Isn’t it fun when we take something that others threw out and make it beautiful? I also like your daughter’s logo…very cute.

  3. That gingerbread village is amazing! I love your logo.

  4. this was just beautiful

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  6. Beautiful post. And…I want that wand.

  7. Love that lil reindeer!

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