Count your Blessings

Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 6.01.08 PMI have been nominated for Blog of The Year 2012 award.http://clanmother.com/ my inspiration and steadfast  supporter has honored me with this nomination. Blessings are something I would like to post about today I often forget to count them.

I have found in the last couple of years that it are the small things in life that are the largest blessings. I no longer yearn and obsess for things that I don’t need, and when I find myself  receiving something it is so special and I am so grateful. I am blessed with sobriety and peace of mind. I have a warm house that is welcoming and people can feel happy in. My two amazing daughters who have turned in to be my best friends and biggest supporters, who have forgiven me and blessed me with being able to be a Mother. Isabella has just written Bless this home in arabic in our living room every time I read it I will think of her as she travels to Serbia and the middle east. I have raised a independent woman who I am inspired by. I love it when she is home she teaches me things everyday she is the sole reason I know how to blog.image

Confidence which blogging has given me a significant amount of by being able to reach out and get such support and true kindness. I have gained such knowledge thank you to all who read and follow my blog I am truly blessed.

Here are my BIG BLESSINGS Blusie the chocolate newfound my baby boy has horrible health issues just had his knee done and hasn’t been doing well. My wonderful roommate Johan from South Africa has been lifting him as he is scared to walk. I found a easy lift harness we call it his magic legs thank you heavenly father his life is so much better and so is Johan’s back. Ferri’s health the boy we rescued and in turn has rescued me.


The boys are getting a sister. Her name is Daisy Mae Cuomo she is  an eight week old white baby bulldog she will bring such happiness and sheer joy to our lives. No this is not a mug shot and she is not in prison. She is my newest blessing.Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 8.09.09 PMFrom our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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8 thoughts on “Count your Blessings

  1. Ohhhh Daisy Mae is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  2. JackieP on said:

    you have the cutest babies! The big and the small. Just make sure the big ones don’t sit on the little one! ha! And congrats!

  3. I was admiring the photos of your two dogs but then came to the photo of your newest baby – I am bowled over! She is lovely.

  4. What a wonderful blog-surprise. Way to go!

  5. O she is beautiful, what a cute Baby ;o)

  6. What a sweetie Daisy Mae is – look forward to seeing more of her!

  7. She’s very sweet!

  8. Thank you so much for accepting my nomination – you really have created a remarkable blog where you welcome all with open arms. These last 3 weeks, I have gone through all of my closets and drawers and have given away much of those “things” that I thought were so important in my life. I feel lighter and can see more clearly that, in the end, the only thing that matters is connection, that we love and are loved in return. I am looking forward to the 2013 blogging adventures…let’s see where the wind takes us….

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