Don’t Slip

IMG_0460How many times have we spoken or heard these words in our life”don’t slip and fall” you will hurt yourself. Everyday I say this to someone a guest in the hotel where I work that is walking through the lobby that is wet from mopping or several times in the last two months to my daughter with her broken leg as she walks through the feet of snow on my walkway. Today though I am contemplating the true meaning of this statement of course when we say this we are thinking physically falling down and injuring ourselves but there so many other ways to interpret this. Don’t slip and fall and lose your sanity stay focused and follow the rules of society but most of all play nice. We as humans must follow some basic rules for our world to work we must pay attention and not fall to the dark side, we must try not to be selfish think of others and be respectful.

Don’t slip and fall and not get up, some may say this is not an option, of course you get up you can’t just lie there but I have personally witnessed  those who don’t. Life is a hard and sometimes a devastating experience so many times I  have a hard time grasping that I am the adult and am responsible for making myself get up and go on that I don’t have the privileges of a child I have to be strong make good choices be a good example for my children.

Don’t be embarrassed, we all fall down emotionally or physically its how we deal with our injury and pain is what matters. How can we possible expect ourselves to carry on through life without falling it’s not possible, be kind to yourself and understanding.

Don’t slip and fall and pick up that first drink. Now this statement pertains to me especially self medicating is not an option if I choose this route I will be one of those unfortunate souls who will not be able to get up. I have had one of those devastating life experiences recently my oldest sister who got up when my mother was dyeing from cancer and took the role of mother for me is ill and her daughter to is suffering from cancer. Overwhelming is the word that comes to mind, maybe even mind-blowing I am not sure what to say my sister was always the one that I called when I was scared or lost and now I must step up to the role, its my turn to get up and do what is needed. I am thankful for all I have learned and have grown during my sobriety without it I would be physically and emotionally unable to get up.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Slip

  1. Powerful words, sorry to hear there are so many struggles though. Hope things will soon be alright!

  2. A wonderful reminder to move forward, to overcome, to stand up…

    “You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.” Aristotle

  3. I did slip and fall two weeks ago. My five year old granddaughter saved me when I fell off her porch. She pulled me out and up, calmed me down and used words of wisdom learned fro her mom, my daughter. I’m a pioneer woman and never thought to call 911. Thanks for this excellent post and for stopping by my blog.

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