Focus on the postive

May I begin this post by saying that this piece of art is one of my favorites she makes me so happy.
IMG_0588Before I drag myself from bed every morning I pray for a peaceful day I have no control what will occur so I try to brace my self for what ever will happen. Of course some days turn out to be amazing, blue sky, happy people and I am feeling grateful kind of day and them some don’t. I have posted I am a knitter a little obsessive but it is my passion. Socks are my favorite thing to knit everyone loves and appreciates them and I get such joy knitting them and have decided to sell them online in Henrietta’s Hippo. On the other hand a challenge is needed so I am going to tackle a simple sweater, nothing complicated but move forward to expand my skill, boredom is not something I do well with.Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 7.57.15 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-27 at 7.59.12 PMI had to go to Denver yesterday to have my car repaired so I spent some time browsing and finding the yarn a  winter white cashmere yarn at  The Lamp Shop in Denver caught my eye, It is an amazing store with knowledgeable people and so very helpful. My day is going wonderful I have my yarn, coffee and blue sky and I am almost finished with another pair of socks for the store my day is good. Focusing on the positive is easy what could possibly be a problem I met with a dear friend I have had for 25 years, made my amends for my drinking days and left realizing that our relationship will be different but in a positive way. This I must say was a big step for me it shows I am healing and moving forward.IMG_0590

My sister is very ill with cancer and it seems that there may not much that cannot be done. My first reaction to the news was of course I need to travel to Utah. I realize now that as much as it kills me to say my sister would rather I not come. I have made and cancelled plans twice to travel. In the AA program we have several phrases that are passed from one person to another to help us get through the day. Be grateful, thy will not my will be done, don’t try to run the show, you have no control and of course focus on the positive. Everything written here directly applies to my current situation. Family is an interesting concept we love them dearly but as we grow and move on with our lives the realization that the common thread that held us together is broken. Maybe anger, resentment, or truly nothing in common is a factor. I feel in my heart I have changed evolved and am trying to IMG_0583be a different person but I am still the youngest sister who is spoiled and self-centered and wants her own way in the family dynamics.Today is a new day who knows what will happen but I have choices on my reactions and mental attitude. I will focus on the positive no regrets today, accept what is given and be happy with your situation and blessings. My two wonderful girls and people who I consider my family not from birth but choice. Today I am going to concentrate on being a better person and no longer dwell on what was but what can be.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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One thought on “Focus on the postive

  1. Life-affirming and full of joyful optimism!!

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