New perspective

Do you ever have a day when your going along in life and you see things clearly? I had one of those today a day where I can see where I need to make a  amend, where I need to stand firm and how fortunate I am. I look back on the last 2 years and really don’t recall much really all I was doing was surviving and  trying to stay sober. It’s been difficult but not impossible what is interesting is I haven’t see the progression in my life. Recently I have been told I am so much happier and there is a noticeable change. How fortunate am I? It’s working getting sober and really striving to do better.IMG_0661

Johan is my South African flat mate and  has given me new perspective on life.  Johan is in awe of where we live and how we live the enthusiasm is contagious.    Through osmosis I have become more open to new things and new way of thinking and how to have a adult relationship. On one of our many trips to Denver I took Johan to Ikea. He looooves Ikea.

IMG_0658 IMG_0659 gives me anxiety but he was in heaven. Walking the isles giving him my opinion on his room remodel made me so happy I was truly enjoying myself.

IMG_0662I took a few pictures shame I don’t have before pictures but it is a work in progress. Johan did some shopping in Henrietta’s Hippo I love the way they look in his room.

From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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4 thoughts on “New perspective

  1. I love the hint of Paris!!! And the quilt!!!

  2. Well done and congratulations to you. Hello to Johan, a fellow South African, obviously enjoying his life over there.

  3. Your home looks fabulous. You should see mine – totally snowed under with books and paper!

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