Stress Buy

I just returned from Salt Lake City where I lived in the 80’S. What I had forgotten was the sheer beauty Of the mountains surrounding the City. When I drove in it was late afternoon and mist was hanging over the mountains which always reminds me of Alaska. Driving gave me a significant amount of time to think but one thing in particular I am so grateful to be sober. The beginning of my divorce I thought it was the worst thing I would ever go through, then I got sober and now my sister is dying and I realize its life. So now unlike the 80’s I admire and feel really happy driving into Salt Lake and make sure I point it out to Jan also. One of the most amazing things about being able to go spend time in Utah is reconnecting with my family sober I find it much easier. My sister and I are identical when shopping we have much the same taste but with a different twist I love shopping with her. I know it sounds bad but my daughter say’s it best I love my shit. She has things she takes abroad that make her happy when she is there clothes and bags mainly well some sunglasses but she is defiantly my daughter. I to “love my shit” and I really love buying home decor clothes also but mainly things for the house.IMG_0719

I don’t shop like I use to but when I do watch out and stress buying is the worst and the best. My first trip was very difficult.I was walking to Starbucks SLC and I saw a store that I could never afford when I lived there I went in found an amazing coat and bought it in 10 min with no guilt that is a stress buy.


 I made another one this trip it wasn’t as costly but man do I love it I think Johan is wearing off on me. I want to share a new project I have started a plant table for on my deck this summer. I decided to take an old butcher block table and turn it into a plant table I am excited I will post the after pictures.


From our home to yours,
~Henrietta’s Hippo

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4 thoughts on “Stress Buy

  1. Today is ours!! And it means that we lived the best way we could…

    “What day is it?”
    It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
    My favorite day,” said Pooh.”
    ― A.A. Milne

    Love your posts…

  2. Lovely to hear about the Salt Lake city area. Never been anywhere close. Sorry your trips there are for such difficult reasons but glad you are getting to connect with family in your incredible sober state. As always, congratulations.
    I happen to love butchers blocks, so I’m ready and waiting to see the final plant table. Should look fantastic.

  3. Your future plant table has awesome decoration on it in the photo, what a cutie!

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