French or English?

I have posted a few times about my Shabby Chic table that I am so proud of. After seeing a blog about French country decor I decided I had to have one and put eclectic art combined with a few plants and cacti for the French shabby chic feel.

The process of  painting and applying the appliques to the table inspired me for buying new product for Henrietta’s Hippo.

IMG_0391I love the fact that there are so many artistic and beautiful pieces available without spending a fortune unusual things that can add so much to your home. Mixing different eras such as some old tins or china from the 1800’s and then add a funky piece of art or  Italian lamp will insure all of the pieces will show their individual artist flair and compliment each other. IMG_0247

I have found as I get older I am more open to all different geners of art I don’t want to choose I want to be able to combine and use everything I love. Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 6.21.48 PM

I found some vintage inspired french country shoes to sell in the store, they are made from cement with cream lace, pearls and vintage buttons  they have pointed toes and are slip ons.They will be stunning on the table but also on a kitchen counter, bay window or even better on a low dresser in the bedroom. IMG_0455

I found this iron holder with hooks. I put it up for hanging car keys on also light clothing could be hung, the flowers are cream colored with button and pearl centers, adorable for something useful. IMG_0458

We got our new baby Daisy Mae she is the most perfect  english bulldog I have ever seen.

IMG_0460 Her coloring is magnificent she is sweet and spicy! Daisy Mae loves blusie  they love to play she bites his lips and nose and he swats her.  I have decided she is his “therapy dog” we can tell he seems more lively and happy.


From our home to yours,

~Henrietta’s Hippo

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8 thoughts on “French or English?

  1. That Belly! Cute♥

  2. JackieP on said:

    sweet sweet baby!

  3. Ha, see you painted her nails to match yours! She is a sweet baby and it’s wonderful if she’s having a positive effect on Bluesy.

  4. I can tell that if I ever visited your home I would just LOVE IT! I LOVE your taste! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on Daisy Mae! (LOVE her name!) She IS perfect!

  5. You find the most incredible treasures. I like you comment on being more open to different genres of art – I agree that as we age we have a more thoughtful approach to acceptance. Daisy May is so huggable! Congratulations!!!

  6. Oh my gosh I was just scrolling along, enjoying such pretty photos and then Daisy May just jumped off the page. Thanks for another great post!

  7. Eclectic Medicine on said:

    Lovely blog! Thanks for following me. I’ve been to beautiful Colorado, I went to Breckenridge – a long way from Australia but I can’t wait to go back 🙂

  8. Daisy Mae is gorgeous!
    I like the hooks and those shoes too.

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